Coffee in Carbondale

If you’re not a fly fisherman or fisher-woman like me, then you’d probably do what I did and just drop your passenger(s) off at the river for their early morning jaunt and then go search for some coffee.  Today I dropped my husband off at a spot on the Roaring Fork River (aka “The Fork”) somewhere in the middle of Colorado.  The river is known for its “wild trout waters”, and for the extreme changes in water flow and elevation.

I love to drive around and explore, so naturally, after I dropped my husband off, I did just that.  After 20 minutes or so, I found the nearby town of Carbondale.  Carbondale is an art and music oriented town located thirty miles from Aspen.  It serves as a convenient “base camp” for outdoor enthusiasts.  In addition to fly fishing, there are opportunities for nearby biking, hiking, kayaking, skateboarding, and winter skiing, snow shoeing and snowmobiling.  It’s a year-round recreational jackpot!

I did find coffee at a local hangout called “Bonfire Coffee”.  Located on Main Street, this place was alive with locals.  The atmosphere was both relaxing and upbeat; the barista was very charismatic, and a group of PTA moms were meeting at a table in the back room.  The building appears to be an old mill that has been restored, and offers plenty of seating for everyone.

After a long day of fly fishing, we were both ready for a nice meal – and a brew.  The fishing hole that my husband was at this afternoon was in the “Frying Pan River” located conveniently enough off of “Frying Pan Road”, on the outskirts of a small town called Basalt.

Basalt is an old railroad town named after the basaltic rock formations that you see north of town.  As you drive through this area, you’ll see a group of old charcoal kilns that date back to the 1880’s.  These kilns were constructed at the confluence of the Roaring Fork and Fryingpan Rivers.  Nearby Pinon trees provided fuel for the charcoal that was in high demand at the time, so this was the perfect area to construct the kilns.

After I picked my husband up from the riverbank, we decided to drive along Main Street through Basalt.  Right away, we spotted a sign that sparked our appetites; it belonged to the Brick Pony Pub.  We decided to investigate further, so we parked and went on in.  We like to sit at the bar most times, as it seems to produce extremely engaging conversations, lol.  This pub has a large, antique wood bar, and a cool tin ceiling.  There were two other patrons at the bar, so we sat at the end near them.  The conversations and food were great!  Unfortunately the pub doesn’t have a website, but you can search on the Internet for them, and find them on a variety of travel-review websites.


Beautiful Aspens in Colorado

Be Round Trip Ready:  We love to go to Colorado in the month of September; the temperatures are welcoming and the air is always clean and crisp.  The towns are not over-crowded and there always seems to be plenty of outdoor activities for everyone in the whole family.

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