Know the Peak Seasons!

On one of our road trips, we went to Moab, Utah – it was kind of on a whim, as we did not make reservations for a hotel.  We were going in October, and didn’t think the town would be busy this time of year.  Well, we were dead wrong!  It turns out that September and October are the peak seasons!  The town was vibrant and full of travelers.  We were lucky enough to find one of the last rooms in town; there were literally about three rooms left lol.  Lesson learned.

After narrowly escaping the lack of a hotel room, I want to share a few learned travel tips with you.  “Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.” ~ Winston Churchill.  Always pre-plan your trip; this doesn’t mean you have to stick to the itinerary 100%.  As most of you know, meandering off of the main road is half of the fun!  However, now, we always make sure to have a hotel reservation.

Reviews, reviews, reviews:  I’m sure you have heard of the famous real estate term “location, location, location”.  I think that reviews are the mantra of travel as location is to real estate.  When I’m preplanning for my trip, and before I book anything, I always check the travel reviews.  I’m trying not to endorse anyone, so just use your favorite travel-review website.  If you don’t have one, then just do an internet search; there are several top sites to choose from.

Get the 411:  If this is your first time to a specific destination, or if it’s your third, it always pays off to investigate the destination-oriented websites (something could have changed since your last visit).  If you’re going to a specific town, be sure to do an internet search to find their town website.  In this internet-age, I am pretty sure every town has at least one visitor-related website; spend at least an hour browsing one or two to see if you learn anything new.

Calendar Synch:  Use common sense and don’t go to a beach destination when it’s their Spring Break – unless that is your preference lol.  I love to go to the small mountain resort towns here in my home state of New Mexico – however, I have learned that these specific towns are less crowded after Labor Day in September, when most students have returned to school.  We also love to travel in September, because it’s usually cooler weather.  If you don’t like crowds, or hotter weather, then plan your trips accordingly.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes joining the crowds isn’t all that bad.  You might be intrigued by how other people spend their vacation time, so you might pre-plan to go somewhere during their peak season.  We were in New Jersey during the summer, and knew that we wouldn’t be back during this time of year, so a must-trip to the beach was on our itinerary.  Apparently, it was also on everyone else’s too lol.  We ended up going to the Jersey Shore on a Saturday and we knew ahead of time that it would be packed.  Thus, we were able to mentally prepare for traffic, scarce parking and extreme people watching… we had a great time!


Speaking of the calendar, maybe you intend to plan your trip around a certain event.  That’s awesome, but just be sure that you’ve pre-planned all of the logistics; events = crowds = full hotels.

Be Round Trip Ready:  Pre-planning for a road trip has its advantages.  Read the reviews, browse visitor center oriented websites, and last but not least, decide what time of year to embark on your adventure.  With just a smidgen of planning, you can still have flexibility in your itinerary and end up having a great time for all!