Rockin’ In Sedona

We’ve taken several round trips to Sedona, Arizona, covering a total of at least 708 miles per trip.  Located in the Coconino National Forest, Sedona is well known for its vortexes and spiritual healings, but we love it for its wealth of outdoor adventures.

Each time we come to town, we make sure to visit at least one of the natural red rock formations; many of which have trails for walking, hiking, biking, etc.  One of our favorite trails is at Bell Rock.  I enjoy looking at all of the different shapes of old twisted juniper trees; they make for great photography subjects.  On our first visit, we were told that the vortex energy is high here, so we wanted to spend at least an hour exploring around.  After walking along the base trail, we found a nice, shady place to have a picnic lunch.  The area is so quiet, I could have taken a nap!  Unfortunately, we didn’t find the vortex…perhaps another time.

Another fun activity that we like to do in the Sedona area is to spend an afternoon swimming at Slide Rock State Park. Located about 7 miles from Sedona, in Oak Creek Canyon, the Park is part of a 43 acre historic apple farm that originated back in 1912. The orchard is still active and has an annual festival with all sorts of activities.  The swimming aspect of Slide Rock is located in Oak Creek.  It has a slippery “chute” that is 80 feet long and varies from 2.5 to 4 feet wide, with a seven percent decline from the top to the bottom.  Algae have formed on the rocks, and thus make the surface slippery for sliding enthusiasts.  Be sure to bring your swimming shoes, because it tends to bring the big kid out in everyone!

4 Sedona AZ jls

Our third favorite outdoor activity is actually to take a day trip over to the town of Jerome.   The drive over-and-back is around 55 miles.  Jerome is an old copper mining town, built on a hill, with a 30-degree incline.  A lot of the original buildings have been restored, and are now restaurants, galleries, and shops.  The town is known for its history as the “Wickedest Town in the West” and you can take a haunted historical tour, if that interests you.  We like to go over and have a brew and listen to the local music.

I would also highly recommend a jeep tour for several reasons:  (a) you don’t have to drive, and (b) you won’t risk messing up your car.  We went on a tour to nearby ruins, and the dirt road was rugged in several places, so I was definitely glad we weren’t in my car lol.  Oh, and another reason to go on a jeep tour, is that it’s fun!  Rough riding around the hills of Sedona was especially fun for the kids (… and the big kid in us too).

Be Round Trip Ready:  Sedona is full of action for everyone of all ages.  In addition to the activities I mentioned above, there’s also plenty of shopping, dining, and relaxing to be had.  I don’t want to endorse anyone, so be sure to do your pre-trip research for whatever activities interest you.  Oh, and we prefer to go in the month of May, because the temperature is perfect and not too hot!