Welcome to “Jenn4HealthyLife” !

In my opinion, a healthy life is made up of 3 balanced components:  body, mind and spirit.  When these are off-balance, all kinds of issues can happen.  I try to stay balanced by focusing on my path.  What am I talking about?  My P.A.T.H. is to live a life of Pure and Total Health… for our body, mind and spirit.

In 2000, I entered a body transformation contest.  I started at 117 pounds and 19% body fat.  For twelve weeks, I learned to eat, exercise and think with a goal of optimal health.  At the end of the contest, I had lost 10 pounds and 5% body fat…. I won third place!  I know life is not a twelve week contest, and I’m certainly not suggesting that you go to the gym twice a day and only eat baked chicken, lol…

… And that certainly hasn’t been my permanent lifestyle choice, but it has offered several great learning lessons, that I refer to often.  As I approach life in my 50’s, and with our country’s current healthcare upheaval, I realize that I need to focus on more natural decisions for my personal health and wellness.

In 2017, I was introduced to doTERRA Essential Oils, and like many people, I was skeptical at first.  After using five or six of the oils for about a month, I became a firm believer in their wealth of uses and benefits.  As a result, I have decided to incorporate a more natural approach to healthcare as my new lifestyle choice.  All of this has led to my new motto “Jenn4HealthyLife”.

I have enjoyed learning about all of the oils and products that doTERRA offers, and I would love to share them with you!  What PATH are you currently on?  Are your body, mind and spirit all in balance?  Let me help you find your PATH.


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